Little Hereford Castle

Little Hereford Castle
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  • Little Hereford, Herefordshire.
  • OSGB – SO554679.


Medieval earthworks and motte. Earthworks remain of two enclosures. Triangular in shape.


1103                            Osbern Fitz Richard granted the land to Bernard Neufmarché and his daughter, Agnes.

1121                            Early: Henry I granted the land to Miles Gloucester and Agnes’ daughter, Sybil Neufmarché.

1121                            10th April: The Bishop of Hereford gave the lands to Walter Durrand, father of Miles Gloucester.

1123                            Before: Walter Durrand granted the lands to Miles Gloucester and Sybil Neufmarché.

1123                            After: Miles Gloucester granted the land to William Mara.

1139                            May have been built by King Stephen.

1139                            Miles Gloucester rebelled and King Stephen attacked the castle.

1139                            December: King Stephen and his army stayed at the site.

1140                            c: Dates from.

1140                            February: Miles Gloucester took the castle with artillery fire.

13 C                             Reginald Mara held the land.

1970                           Field Investigation.


Little Hereford Castle
cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Fabian Musto –


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