Little Doward: Ganarew: Caer Guorthegirn

  • Ganarew, Herefordshire.
  • OSGB – SO 539 160.
  • Scheduled Monument.
  • Monument Number 109665.


Possible Iron Age bivallate hill fort with annexe. Mounds remain internally.


440-445                       Possible stronghold of the Dark Ages king, Vortigern. Legend states he had a timber castle that was struck by lightening and the king died.

1833                           Hill enclosed.

1884                          Field Investigation.

1930                           Field Investigation.

1950’s                         Planted with trees.

1999                            Management Survey.

2009                           Surveyed.


Archaeological Investigation Report of the site can be found at this link – file:///C:/Users/Sue/Downloads/LittleDowardGanarewHerefordshire_AnalyticalEarthworkSurveyoftheHillfortandRapidLandscape.pdf.




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