Leominster: Leomynstre: Caswell Moat: Castle Moat

  • Leominster, Herefordshire.


Medieval moated site. Possible moated farmhouse. Possible town ditch.

Held by the Danes, and also held by the Welsh

Taken for Edward the Confessor by Harold Godwinson


7 C                              Named after Earl Leofric, husband of Lady Godiva.

1402                            Licence to crenellate was granted.

14-15 C                       Moat.

17 C                            Wet ditch cleared out.

19 C                            Land drains placed over site.

1962                            Excavated. Medieval pottery sherds found.

1962-1963                   Excavated.

1965                            De-scheduled.

20 C                            Destroyed through development.



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