Leintwardine: Lenteurde: BRAVONIUM

  • Leintwardine, Herefordshire.
  • OSGB – SO 407 741.


Roman fort or stores base covering 11½ acres . Defended by a rectangular rampart laced with timber and measuring 18.2 m wide and 2.4 m – 2.7 m high, with entrances located on the east and south west sides.

Had four periods of construction.

Civilians lived outside the south side of the fort.


70                                Occupation began as a viscus.

1-2 C                           First period of construction, as a viscus.

140                              Market centre.

160                              Second period of construction: Taken over by the Roman army and converted into a fort measuring 860 ft north to south and 505 ft east to west and covering 10 acres internally and 13½ acres total.

170                              c: Ramparts constructed.

196                              c: Civilians moved back into the site when the Roman army left.

3 C                              Various alterations made to the site. Abandoned for most of it.

3 C                              Early, Third period of construction: Stone wall built on top of the rampart.

4 C                              Fourth period of construction: Reoccupied, Bath house altered.

4 C                              Occupied until.

4 C                              Late; Burnt.

1929                            Watching Brief.

1958                            Excavated.

1964                            Excavated.

1971                            Eastern defences excavated.

1972                            Watching Brief and Excavation.

1976                            Watching Brief.

1978                            Watching Brief.

1980                            Excavated.

1982                            Watching Brief.

1985                            Watching Brief.

1987                            Watching Brief.

1988                            Watching Brief.

1988                            Watching Brief.

1988                            Watching Brief.

1989                            Excavated.

1990’s                         Excavated. Roman bath house found.

1991                            Watching Brief.

1991                            Excavated.

1992-1993                   Evaluated.

1995                            Watching Brief.

1998                            Evaluated.

20 C                             Ramparts still visible. Alter stone found dedicated to Jupiter and the Devine Emperors measuring 29 cm high and 30.5 cm deep and just over 35.5 cm wide.

2000                            Evaluated.

2001-2002                   Evaluated.

2002                            Surveyed and Measured.

2003                            Evaluated.

2003-2004                   Watching Brief.



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