Kinnersley Castle: Kynardesley: Chinardeslege

Kinnersley, Herefordshire.

Grade II Listed Building.


Medieval castle which had a drawbridge on the eastern side.

Remodelled by Sir Thomas Morgan.

Elizabethan building on site of the castle, comprising of three storeys and cellars.

Owned by Richard de la Bere who fathered twenty one children.


1120                            Referred to as Chinardeslege.

1250                            Hugh de Kynardesley was Sheriff of Herefordshire.

1316                            Following the rebellion of Edward II, John de Kynardesley received a pardon for having joined forces with the Earl of Lancaster.

1340                            Richard de la Bere held the castle, through marriage, and was licenced to hold a weekly market and annual fair at the castle.

1483-1485                   The Duke of Buckingham hid his family at the castle after their lives were threatened by Richard III.

1585-1601                   Remodelled by Roger Vaughan as a rectangular building with a wet moat.

1585-1603                   During: Ownership changed to Michael Lyster of Kent through dowry

1588                            Reconstructed.

1601                            Dating from: Robert Vaughan’s family crest is over the fireplace in the drawing room.

1607                            Robert Vaughan died and his son John inherited the castle.

1618                            John died and left the castle to his son, Boynham Vaughan, but his widow, Joan, sold the castle to Francis Smallman

1620                            c: Sold to Francis Smallman, MP for Leominster.

1633                            Francis Smallman died at the castle.

1661                            After: Sir Thomas Morgan owned the castle who had fought for Parliament during the Civil War.

1757                            Leonard Parkinson was born at the castle.

1781                            Leonard Parkinson was married at the castle.

1810                            John Parkinson was born at the castle.

1837                            c: Robert John Lechmere Guppy, (a civil engineer who gave his name to the Guppy fish) was raised at the castle by his grandfather, Richard Parkinson of Kinnersley Castle.

*                                  When his grandfather died, Robert inherited the castle, but he did not want it and left England to travel in Tasmania.

1842                            Caroline Parkinson was born at the castle.

1846                            de Courcey Fredrica Parkinson was born at the castle.

1849                            Constance Sarah Parkinson was born.

1851                            Rachel Augusta Parkinson was born.

1853                            Ada Mary Parkinson  and Georgia Matilda Parkinson were born.

1859                            Edith Emily Parkinson was born at the castle.

19-20 C                       Owned by the Reaveley family.

1939-1944                   World War II: Arthur Ronald Nall-Cain, 2nd Baron Brocket, lived at the castle.

1944                            Arthur Ronald Nall-Cain, 2nd Baron Brocket sold the castle.

1988                            c: Old peoples home with landscaped gardens.

1993                            Open to the public.

20 C                           Remains of the moat can be seen to the north east of the house.


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