Kington Castle

  • Woodville, Herefordshire.
  • OSGB – SO 29155681.
  • Scheduled Monument.


Medieval castle with the mound measuring 20 m in diameter and had an outer enclosure on the north west side. The motte was fed by a small stream and a causeway lead to the mound.


1093                            17th April: Bernard Neufmarché won a battle against the south Welsh King just north of the castle he was building.

1099                            c: William I granted the lands to Adam Port. He may have built the castle.

*                                  Adam was succeeded by his son Roger, Lord of Kington.

*                                  Roger, Lord of Kington was succeeded by his son, Adam.

1172                            Adam Port fled England after falling out with Henry III and his lands were confiscated by the Crown.

1173                            Adam Port returned from Scotland. He and Roger Bigod fought with Prince Henry against Henry II.

1180’s                         The Sheriff of Herefordshire was given ten shillings to make repairs to the pallisade.

1195                            c; Used as a base.

1201                            William de Braose of Radnor, was given the castle and lands by King John.

1208                            King John asked for the castle back when he and de Braose fell out. De Braose followed the order.

1208                            After: de Braose and his sons tried to retake the castle but failed and they fled to Ireland.

1213                            King John granted the castle to Roger Clifford.

1215                            May-June: The castle fell to de Braose’s two sons.

1216                            4th August: King John burnt the castle and town.

1973                           Field Investigation.

20 C                            Traces of the wall can still be seen.



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