Kingsland Castle: Kyngsland

Motte and Bailey, Kingsland. The motte and bailey, Kingsland. Photo taken from field to the east.
By Raymond Perry, CC BY-SA 2.0,


  • Kingsland, Herefordshire.
  • OSGB – SO4457861224.
  • Scheduled Monument.


Medieval castle. Oval motte measuring 56 m across and standing 5 m high is defended by a ditch between the motte and the bailey on the north and east and traces of a ditch north east and north west of the bailey. An octagonal shell keep stood on the motte with 7-8 towers. Had a kidney shaped bailey and a rectangular shaped ward. Had a barbican.

*                                  During the Dark Ages the site is believed to have been held by King Merewald of Mercia.

7 C                              Mercian King Merewald is believed to be buried on the site.

1130’s                         The de Braose’s built the castle.

1135                            Henry I gave the manor to Philip de Braose of Radnor.

12-14 C                       Dating from: Pottery found on site.

1216                            2nd-3rd August: King John stayed when disputing with the de Braose family.

1230                            25th April: William Marshall was granted the lands by Henry III.

1540-1546                   Itinerary of John Leland: Ruins.

17 C                            c; Remains stood until.

1972                             Field Investigation.

20 C                            Masonry remains of the octagonal keep can be seen.


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