Kentchurch Court

  • Pontralis, Herefordshire.
  • Grade I Listed Building.
  • Grade II Listed Building.


Irregular plan Medieval fortified house. A fortified enclosure to the south east of the present house has a large gateway to the south. Medieval deer park.

Tower on the site in Saxon period.

Owned by the Scudamore family for over 1000 years.

Owain Glyndwr’s daughter, Alice, married Peter Scudamore.

Visited by George Bernard Shaw.


1300-1399                   During: Fortified house with tower and gateway.

1416                            Owain Glyndwr stayed at the site.

1500                            c: Enlarged.

16 C                            Rebuilt and enlarged.

1795                            Remodelled by Nash.

20 C                            Alterations.


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