Kemerton Camp: Brendon Hills Camp

  • Kemerton, Herefordshire.
  • Scheduled Ancient Monument.


Iron Age promontory hill fort. Protected by cliffs on two sides and two ramparts and ditches to the south. Entrance to the south east corner.

Sixty five badly mutilated skeletons have been found with their limbs hacked off near the entrance way.

The Banbury Stone in the hollow is of Mystical legend.


5 C BC                        Possibly dating from: Outer defences constructed.

300 BC                        First phase of building. Covering 11 acres and with a staggered entrance.

3 C BC                        Late: Inner defences constructed.

200 BC                        Dating from: Circular hut measuring 3.6 m diameter found. Storage pit.

150-50 BC                  Second outer defences were added. Ditch measuring 1.8 m deep. The rampart was of dump construction and separated from the ditch by a bearm. Covering 22 acres with two long in-turned entrances.

1 C                              Attacked and destroyed and the inner gate was burnt. Skulls found nearby.

18 C                            Folly tower built at the western end of the inner rampart.

1905                            Excavated.

1930’s                         Excavated.

1935-1937                   Excavated

1998                            Excavated by Time Team.

2004                            8th February: Late Mesolithic- early Mesolithic flint blade found below the ramparts.



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