Hampton Court: Hampton Richard



  • Hope-under-Dinmore, Herefordshire.


Semi-fortified courtyard house. Has a gatehouse in the north range, east and west wings and the Great Hall on the south side.


1410-1510                   Owned by the Leinthall family.

1434                            6th November: Licence to crenellate granted to Sir Rowland Lenthall and his wife.

1510-1810                   Owned by the Coningsby family

17-18 C                       Late –early: Remodelled.

1810-1912                   owned by the Arkwright family.

1817                            Gothicized and extensively altered by Sir Jeoffrey Wyatville.

1835-1856                   Extensively remodeled.

1912-1924                   Owned by the Burrell family.

1924-1972                   Owned by the Hereford family

1972-1994                   Had a number of owners.

1994                            Onwards: Owned by the van Kampen family.

1997                            Watching Brief.

1998                            Watching Brief.

2003                            For sale.


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