Eaton Tregoz: Eaton in Fy: Hole in the Wall: Eton: Campfield

  • Eaton Tregoz, Herefordshire.


Possible fortified manor.


1280                            John de Tregoz endowed a chapel in the castle to St. John the Baptist.

1309                            14th December: Licence to crenellate granted to William Grandison by Edward II.

1325                            William de Foy became a priest at the castle’s St. John the Baptist chapel.

14 C                            c: Possibly abandoned.

1420                            The castle was described as having a buttery, pantry, chamber, parlour, chapel, chambers, kitchen, bakehouse, brewery, stables, barns, lower and outer gate two mills and a deer park.

15 C                            The Abrahall family gained possession of the castle.

1673                            Rev. George Abrahall died and the land was divided between his co-heirs.

1805                            Noted that foundations of a large stone wall were visible.

1891                            Noted as being the site of a castle with only some walls remaining.

1971                            Excavated.

1995                            Excavated.


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