Eastnor Castle

  • Ledbury, Herefordshire.


Castellated house. Had a large Hall measuring 5 ft long and adorned with suits of armour and a library decorated  and designed in an Italian style.


1812-1815                   Sir Robert Smirke built the castle for the 2nd Lord Somers.

1813                            The Somers family moved into the west wing of their new castle.

1849                            The 2nd Lord Somers commissioned Pugin to decorate the Drawing room.

1860-1870                   c: The 3rd Earl Somers embellished the long library and state ballroom.

19 C                            Alterations by Pugin.

1920                            A large portion of the land was sold off.

1926                            Lord Somers moved his family to Australia after he was appointed Governor of Victoria.

1931                            Lord Somers and his family moved back from Australia.

1939                            The family moved out so it could be used during World War II.

1945-1949                   Lord Somers widow returned to the castle.

1949                            Hon. Elizabeth Somers-Cocks and Benjamin Hervey-Bathurst moved into the castle.

1976                            Received a Government grant for repairs to four towers.

1988                            James Hervey-Bathurst moved in with his family.

20 C                            English Heritage gave grants for repairs to the castle.



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