Dorstone Castle: Dorston: Dodintone: Dorsitone

  • Dorstone, Herefordshire.
  • Scheduled Monument.


Medieval motte and bailey castle. Motte is oval shaped and measuring 64 m by 55.7 m at its base with the top flat and standing 8.5 m above the bottom of the dry ditch. The bailey is kidney shaped.

Never built in stone.


1086                            Domesday: Held by Drogo, son of Poyntz.

12-14 C                       Held by the de Sollers family.

1380-1400                   Built.

1390                            Decaying.

1403                            Henry IV gave it to Sir Walter Fitz Walter.

1422                            After Lady Fitz Walter died the castle passed to Richard de la Mere.

1435                            Richard de la Mere died and it passed to the Lyster family.

1645                            Charles I may have stayed for one night.

*                                  The Lyster family sold it on to Morgan Aubrey.

1780                            The Cornewall family bought the castle from Morgan Aubrey


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