Dinedor Hill: Dinedor Camp: Oyster Hill Camp.


Dinedor Hill.


  • Dinedor, Herefordshire.
  • Scheduled Monument.
  • OSGB – SO 52357 36358


Univallate promontory Iron Age hill fort, Roman settlement covering approximately 9.5 acres internally and a total area of 11 acres. Defended by a rampart to the north east, a scarp and berm to the north west, and to the west and south side by a slope . The east side has a scarp and slope. The entrance is to the east with traces of an outside bank and out-turns. The rampart to the north east and north measuring 6.7 m high.

Finds include Roman coins and pottery.


1951                            Excavated.

1971                            Field Investigation.

1987                            Watching Brief by Hereford and Worcester County Council Archaeology Department.

1995                            Watching Brief by City of Hereford Archaeology Unit.

1998                            Watching Brief by Worcestershire County Council Archaeological Service.

2016                            Acquired by the local Dinedor Council.


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