Croft Ambrey Hill Fort



Scheduled Monument


Triangular multivallate Iron Age hill fort covering 20 acres and defended by three ramparts and two interval ditches.  Entrances to the east and south west had guard chambers. Entrance was designed five times. There are slopes on the northern side and rampart and ditches to the south and west.

Had rectangular houses set close together in a grid pattern suggesting possible military occupation and may have been used for training.

Evidence of seven phases of occupation.

Roman shrine and mound on site.


1050 BC                      c: Fort

550 BC                        c: Constructed.

460 BC                        Enlarged to cover 3.6 ha.

390 BC                        c: Enlarged to cover 8¾ acres.

6 C BC- 48                  Occupied.

48                                Became uninhabited.

1960-1966                   Excavated by Woolhope Naturalists Field Club.

1970’s-1980’s             Excavated.

2001-2002                   Surveyed and measured by Herefordshire Archaeology.

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