Coxall Knoll Camp



    • Buckton, Herefordshire.


Possibly dates from the Bronze Age. Iron Age mulitvallate hill fort. Divided into three smaller enclosures by a berm, double rampart and a ditch. The eastern enclosure has two ramparts and a medial ditch. The north enclosure has a double rampart, medial ditch and is the smallest of the two. There are four entrances, the main one leads into the western enclosure, there are two to the northern enclosure and one at the junction of the west and east enclosures.

Originally 3.2 hectares, phase II increased the size to 5.8 hectares.


1946                  Aerial Photograph

1972                 Field Investigation

1973                 Aerial Photograph

1987                 Scheduled

1994                 Scheduled


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