Bronsil Castle: Bronsill: Bransill: Bransil

  • Eastnor Park, Herefordshire.
  • Grade II Listed Building.
  • Scheduled Ancient Monument.



Quadrangular double moated Medieval fortified residence. Had four octagonal towers.


1400-1432                   Moated manor house.

1449                            Licence to crenellate granted to Richard, Lord Beauchamp, High Treasurer of England.

1460                            11th September: Licence to crenellate granted to Richard, Lord Beauchamp, High Treasurer of England. Curtain wall added, as well as castellation, gatehouse and interval towers.

1496                            Passed from the Beauchamp family to the Reede family.

15 C                            Dating to: Tower. Owned by Sir Talbot of Grafton.

1540-1546                   Itinerary of John Leland: Well maintained.

1600                            c: Ghosts drive the Reede family away from the castle.

1642-1649                   Fortified house.

1644                            Taken by Parliament, led by Richard Hopton, when Thomas Cocks tried to hold out against them. Later was retaken by the Royalists and burnt.

1731                            In ruins.

1779                            One tower remaining.

18 C                            Mostly demolished.

1833-1866                   The site was landscaped and a stone bridge was built across the moat.

1840                            Weapons and cannon balls found in the moat when it was cleaned out.

1931                            Most of the north tower remains.

1932                            Repairs carried out by Royal Commission on Historic Monuments.

1990                            Excavated by City of Hereford Archaeology Unit. Gatehouse.

1990-1991                   Part of the tower collapsed.

2000                            Surveyed by English Heritage.


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