Bredwardine Castle: Castle Place: Castle of Gronw: Bredwardine

  • Old Court, Herefordshire.
  • Scheduled Monument.


Medieval motte and bailey castle, enclosure. Rectangular keep stood at the south of the bailey and measured 24 m by 13.7 m. The bailey was oblong shaped. Had a Medieval palisade.

Was granted to John de Bredwardine.


1086                            Domesday: Held by Alfred of Marlborough.

1086                            After: Held by Bernard de Neufmarche.

1135-1154                   During: Rebuilt.

1189-1289                   Between: Dismantled

12 C                            Late: Built.

1227                            Owned by the Baskerville family. Recorded as being very old.

*                                  From the Baskerville family it went to the Vaughan family. Roger Vaughan converted it into a manor.

1414                            In ruins.

1956                            Excavated. Building on the motte was excavated.

1969-1971                   Excavated by Woolhope Naturalists Field Club.

1972                            Rescue excavation at pond.

21 C                            Early: Earthworks and foundations remain.


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