Brampton Bryan Castle

  • Brampton Bryan, Herefordshire.
  • Scheduled Monument.


Medieval motte castle built of sandstone rubble and ashlar

Owned by the Harley family.


1289-1329                   Possibly built.

1309                            Built by Robert Harley and included a Great Hall.

14 C                            Towers, curtain, gatehouse and barbican added.

16 C                            Additions.

1642-1651                   Robert Harley was knighted.

1643                            Held and defended by Brilliana Harley for Parliament. The siege lasted 6 ½ weeks. The roof of the Hall was smashed in.

1643                            Late July: 700 foot soldiers and horse troops were camped outside building breastworks.

1643                            September: Lady Brilliana Harley set about leveling the earthworks and replanting her gardens and orchard.

1644                            Following Brilliana’s death the castle was attacked by Royalists who then slighted it and burnt it down.

17 C                            Additions.

20 C                            Ruins of the gatehouse and twin towers stand in the grounds of Brampton Bryan Hall. The surviving mound may be the motte of an earlier date.



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