Almeley Castle: Almley: Almeleia

  • Almeley, Herefordshire.
  • Scheduled Monument.
  • Monument Number 106311.


Medieval motte and bailey castle defended by a ditch. The motte measuring 114.8 ft in diameter and 26.2 ft from the bottom of the ditch. The ditch measuring 26.2 ft wide and 4.2 – 8.2 ft deep. The bailey measuring 164 ft square and the surrounding ditch has been filled in on the northern side.

Traces of fishponds to the south west of the motte.


1086                            Held by Roger de Lacy.

1154-1189                   During: Mentioned as a ‘castallum’

1199-1216                   During: Mentioned as a ‘castallum’.

12 C                            c: Built.

1216                            William Cantilupe was Constable. Extant

1231                            22nd September: Simon de Montfort paid homage to Henry III at the castle.

1242                            Held by Roger Pychard.

1485-1509                   During: One of the co-heiresses of Sir Simon Milbourne bought the castle as dowry to Thomas Monnington.

1670                            Until: Held by the Monnington family.

1670                            After: Passed to the Pember family.

*                                  The Pember family sold it to the Foley family of Newport.

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