Goodrich Castle


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Aconbury Camp

Almeley Castle

Brampton Bryan Castle

Bredwardine Castle

Breinton Camp

Bronsil Castle

Buckton Roman Camp

Buckton Temporary Roman Camp


Capler Camp

Castle Comfort

Castle Field

Castle Frome

Castle Mound

Castle Mound: Leysters

Clifford Castle

Cothill Tump

Coxall Knoll Camp

Cranstone Castle

Credenhill Camp

Croft Ambrey Hillfort

Croft Castle

Dinedor Hill

Dorstone Castle: Dorston: Dodintone: Dorsitone

Dorstone Hillfort

Downton-on-the Rock: The Tump: Castle Mount

Erdisland Castle

Erdisland Mound

Eardisley Castle

Eastnor Castle

Eaton Camp: Beth-Car: Eaton Bishop

Eaton Tregoz: Eaton in Fy: Hole in the Wall: Eton: Campfield

Eaton Tregoz Castle

Eccleswall Castle

Ellingham Castle: Quarry Wood: Hellens

Ewyas Harold Castle: Pentecost Castle: Castell un Ewias

Goodrich Castle

Great Howle Camp

Grosmont Castle

Hampton Court: Hampton Richard

Hereford Castle: Castle Green: Hogg’s MountHereford Castle

Herefordshire Beacon: British Camp

Hergest Castle Twts

Hindwell Brooke: Farm Mound

Huntington Castle

Ivington Camp

Kemerton Camp: Brendon Hills Camp

Kenchester: Magris: Magna: Magonset: Magni: Magnae: Caer Magnis

Kentchurch Court

Kilbury Camp

Kilpeck Castle: Chipeete

Kingsland Castle: Kyngsland

Kington Castle

Kinnersley Castle: Kynardesley: Chinardeslege

Leintwardine: Lenteurde: BRAVONIUM

Leintwardine: BRANOGENIUM: Jay Lane Fort

Leominster: Leomynstre: Caswell Moat: Castle Moat

Lingen Castle: Lingeyne

Little Doward: Ganarew: Caer Guorthegirn

Little Hereford Castle

Llancillo Castle

Longtown Castle: Ewais Lacy Castle: Novi Castelli: Newcastle

Lower Park Wood

Lyde Castle

Lyonshall Castle: Kingston: Lenhaul: Linhales: Lennoix: Castle of John of Evereux: Lenhall

Midsummer Hill: Midsummer Hill Camp: Hollybush Hill

Moccas Castle: Mockers

Monnington Court: Monnington Court Farm: Mannington Straddel: Monnington Straddle: Manitone: Manetune: Monyton

Mortimer’s Castle

Mouse Castle

Mynydd-Brith: Ruuenore: Mynyddbrydd Tump

Mynyddbrydd Tump: Nant y Bar

Newcourt Tump: Newcourt Farm

Newton Tump

Oldbury Camp

Oldcastle Twt: Batch Twt: Old Castle

Old Castleton’

Old Court Mound

Orcop Castle: Moat Farm

Pembridge Castle: Newland: Penebruge

Penyard Castle: Peniard

Pipe Aston

Porthendrie Castle: Ewyas Lacy: Pont-Hendre: Castelli de Ewais

Pyon Wood Camp

Richard’s Castle: Castella Avreton: Avreton: Averetone: Overton

Rowlstone: Rolveston

Shobden: Shobdon: Court Mound

Shobden Mound: Scepedune: Castle Mound

Snodhill Castle: Castle of Straddle: Strate

Stapleton Castle: Stapleton

Staunton Castle

Stretton Grandson: EPOSESSA

Sutton Walls

The Ragged Castle

Thornbury: Walls Hills: Walls Hills Camp

Thruxton Tump

Timberline Camp

Treago Castle

Tregate Castle

Tretire Manor

Trippenkennet Bridge Motte: Snapps Castle: Walling Stones: Tre-essey: Waldyston: Waldyngston

Turret Castle

Urishay Castle

Walford Camp

Walterstone Castle

Walterstone Camp

Wapley Camp: Wapley Hill Camp: Highland

Weobley Castle

Whitney Castle

Wigmore Castle: Mereston Castle: Merestun

Wilton Castle  

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