Greensforge Fort B

  • Mile Flat, Greensforge, Staffordshire
  • OSGB – SO 864 886


Possible Roman fort covering 1.6ha which had an annexed outwork.

South of Watling Street.


50                                  c: Built by Ostorius covering 4 acres.

50-69                             c: Occupied.

4th C                              Occupied.

1928                              Excavated by G. P. Mander.

1958                              Field Investigation.

1965-1969                     Excavated by J. C. Hockin, Kidderminster and District Archaeology and History Society.

1974                              Field Investigation.

1976                              Field Investigation.

1988-1989                     Assessed by Staffordshire County Council.

1994                              Evaluated by A. Jones, Birmingham University Field Archaeology Unit.

2004                              Watching Brief by R. Stone, Marches Archaeology.


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