Gaddick Hill: Egmanton Castle




Scheduled Monument – Monument Number 322577

Medieval motte and bailey; post Medieval manor house. Motte measuring 460 ft in circumference at the base and 98 ft at the top, standing approximately 50 ft high at its highest point, possible entrance to the north of the bailey


1100-1135                   During: Henry I gave the manor to Nigellus de Albanei.

*                                  Nigellus de Albanei gave the manor to Robert de Aiville.

1272-1307                   Held by Joan de Aiville who married into the Everingham family.

1422-1461                   During: Held by Sir Richard Stanhope.

1969                            Field Investigation.

1974                            Field Investigation.

1991-1996                   Aerial Photograph by RCHME.

1992                            Scheduled.

20th C                          Part of a private farm.

2001                            Aerial Photograph by EH.

2003                            Surveyed and Measured by University of Nottingham.

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