Conderton Camp: Danes Camp

  • Conderton, Worcestershire
  • OSGB –SO 9716 3834
  • Scheduled Monument.


Roughly oval shaped Iron Age hill fort enclosing 3 acres. Northern entrance had inturns but was eventually blocked up. Constructed over two periods. Central rampart blocked with a stone wall. Some of the huts were built over storage pits.

Finds include a dozen circular huts measuring 20ft in diameter, storage pits lined with dry stone and wicker work. Unfinished stew found on the hut floors shows signs of a rapid exit of the occupants.


300 BC                        First construction phase: Drystone revetted glacis rampart, V-shaped ditch and counterscarp on the east and west sides with the entrance to the south.

100 BC                        Possibly abandoned before the late Iron Age.

1st C  BC                     Second phase of construction: Rampart built across the spur from east to west, glacis rampart with no ditch, inturned entrance added to the centre of the rampart with wooden gates.

1950’s                         Late: Excavated.

1958-1959                   Excavated by Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery.

1987                            Scheduled.

1992-1996                   Aerial photograph.

1996                            Geophysical Survey by Ancient Monuments Laboratory Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission.



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