Chartley Castle: Chartley Holme: Chartley by Stowe

Two towers of the ruined Chartley Castle.
By stephen jones from uk – Flickr, CC BY 2.0,



  • Stowe, Staffordshire
  • OSGB – SK 0108 2850
  • Scheduled Monument
  • Grade II Listed Building.


Medieval motte and bailey castle with two baileys.


900                                c: One of the first wooden castles built in England.

11th C                            End: Owned by the Earls of Chester.

1172                              Agatha de Ferrers was born at the castle.

1220                              c: Built in stone by Ranulf de Blunderville, Earl of Chester.

1223                              Rebuilt in stone.

1232                              Passed to the Ferrers family, Earls of Derby, after Ranulf de Blunderville died without issue. It passed to his sister who married William de Ferrers, Earl of Derby.

1260                              Robert de Ferrers, 6th Earl of Derby, inherited the castle.

1273                              c: Robert de Ferrers took the castle by force but was soon sent away by Edward I.

1275                              Robert de Ferrers had married Eleanor de Bohun and he regained the castle.

13th C                            Converted into an enclosure castle.

1305                              Eleanor de Ferrers was born at the castle.

1309                              Sir Robert de Ferrers, Lord of Chartley, was born at the castle.

1387                              Edmund de Ferrers, Baron Ferrers of Chartley, was born at the castle.

1412                              William de Ferrers, Baron, was born at the castle.

1438                              Anna Ferrers, Baroness of Chartley, was born at the castle.

1453                              Passed to Walter Devereux when he married Elizabeth Ferrers.

1485                              Abandoned.

1545                              Itinerary of John Leland: Ruins.

1585                              Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned on the site on Christmas Eve.

1958                              Field Investigation.

1961                              Field Investigation.

1975                              Field Investigation.

1998                              Watching Brief



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