Castle Hill: Little Gringley Castle: Castle Hill Wood: Grave



Scheduled Monument – Monument Number 323083


Iron Age hill fort, Medieval hunting lodge, moat, motte, possible Roman camp, irregular shaped with an entrance

to the south east. Site has been quarried and is mostly leveled. The moat destroyed and part of the original earthworks.

On lands held by the Coritani people.

Finds include a coin of Alexander III of Scotland, green glazed Medieval pottery.

Held by Sir John de Hercy. He left it to his sister, Barbera, who had married George Neville, Esq.


1086                            Held by Roger de Busli (Bully).

1086                            After: Held by Gerbert (Guilbert) de Arches.

1154                            c: Held by Baro de Grove.

1207                            King John possibly stayed at the site.

1216-1272                   During: Baro de Grove’s daughter and heiress married Malvesinus  de Hercy.

1504                            Believed to have been the Roman camp of either SEGELOCUM or AGELOCUM.

1684                            Ploughed over and coins of Nerva, Trajon, Hadrian and Constantine were found.

17th C                          Sir Edward Neville sold it to Sir Cresswell Levinz.

1718                            Two alters found on the site.

1762                            William Levinz sold it to Anthony Eyre.

1933                            c: Excavated.

1962                            Field Investigation.

1974                            Field Investigation.

1997                            Watching Brief by Lindsey Archaeological Services.


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