Wimpole Hall

  • Wimpole, Cambridgeshire
  • Scheduled Monument
  • Monument Number 369024


Medieval moated site.

1632                            Built on the site of a Medieval moated house for Thomas Chichley.

1640                            Owned by Sir Thomas Chichley.

1686                            Owned by Sir John Cutler.

1689-1710                   Alterations.

1693                            Owned by Charles Robartes, 2nd Earl of Radnor.

1693-1705                   Grounds laid out by George London and Henry Wise.

1710                            Owned by John Holles, 1st Duke of Newcastle Upon Tyne, 4th Earl of Clare.

1711                            Owned by Henrietta Holles.

1713                            Owned by Edward Harley, 2nd Earl of Oxford.

1713-1721                   Alterations by James Gibbs.

1720’s                          Grounds landscaped by Charles Bridgeman.

1721                            Alterations by James Thornhill.

1740                            Owned by Philip Yorke, 1st Earl of Hardwicke.

1740’s                          Grounds landscaped by Robert Greening.

1742                            Alterations by Henry Flintcroft.

1749                            c; Alterations by Henry Flintcroft.

1764                            Owned by Philip Yorke, 2nd Earl of Hardwicke.

1767                            Grounds landscaped by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown.

1790                            Owned by Philip Yorke, 3rd Earl of Hardwicke.

1790’s                          Alterations by John Soane.

18 C                            House. Later in the year, alterations undertaken by Henry Kendall.

1801-1809                   Grounds landscaped by Humphrey Repton.

1834                            Owned by Charles Yorke, 4th Earl of Hardwicke. 

1840’s                          Alterations by HE Kendall.

1843                            Queen Victoria and Prince Albert stayed for two days.

1873                            Owned by Charles Yorke, 5th Earl of Hardwicke.

1894                            Owned by Thomas Charles Agar-Roberts, 6th Viscount Clifton.

19 C                            Late; Alterations.

1919                            Owned by Francis Gerard Agar-Roberts, 7th Viscount Clifton.

1938                            Owned by Captain and Mrs George Bambridge.

1973                            Field Investigation.

1976                            Bequeathed to the National Trust by Mrs Elise Bambridge.


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