The Round Moat: Whites Close

  • Fowlmere, Cambridgeshire
  • Scheduled Monument.


Iron Age oval ditch and Medieval ringwork moat.

Ringwork defended by a bank and ditch enclosing approximately 311 ft by 213 ft. The bank measuring up to 6.5 ft and the external ditch measuring 26.2 ft wide, with entrances on the south and west sides. The ditch was originally 9.8 ft deep. There is a parallel ditch 147.7 ft to the east of the moat.

Medieval pottery finds.


11-12 C                       Moat constructed.

13-14 C                       There was occupation outside of the moated area.

1447                            Held by Robert White.

1850                            Tenant Thomas Nash held the site in trust for Mary Douglas and Anne Mitchell.

1887                            Trees planted on the site and a well was discovered.

1902                            Channel dug in the ditch.

1906                            Excavated and a cobbled surface was found on the north side of the site.

1907                            Excavated by Cambridge Antiquarian Society.

1975                            Rescue excavations.

1976                            Field Investigation.

1992                            Excavated – the ditch originally had very steep sides.

1993                            Evaluated by Cambridgeshire County Council Archaeology Section.

1998                            Scheduled.

1999                            Excavated – early Saxon buildings identified.

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