The Chantry: Brettons: Bretton’s Manor: Bateman’s Chantry

  • Borough Green, Cambridgeshire


The original house had a chapel with a bell, which was used to summon mass.


1231                            Land granted to William le Bretton by Alice de Burgh.

1261                            William de Burgh died and his son John inherited. He bought more land within the parish.

1307                            John granted the lands to Edmund le Bretton.

1353                            Held by Thomas le Bretton.

1389                            Held by Robert, a clerk, and called Bretton’

14 C                            Dates from

1445                            John Bateman, rector of Burrough was licensed to found a chantry. John Scalers, amongst others, endowed it with land.

15 – 16 C                    Possible buildings.

1548                            Granted to Gilbert Claydon and Robert Bank.

1557                            Gilbert Claydon sold it under license to Leonard Barrett.

1562                            Leonard Barrett sold it to Thomas Holmes.

1582                            Thomas Holmes sold it to Anthony Cage.

16 C                            Late; Chantry land was called Bretton’s Manor or Bateman’s Chantry.

17 C                            Buildings disappeared from the site.

1978                            Field investigation.


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