Stonea Grange: Stonea Roman Settlement

  • Wimblington, Cambridgeshire
  • Scheduled Monument
  • Monument Number 870039

Roman administrative centre, fort, tower and palace. Romano-British settlement and Tower. Connected by road to a Temple site. Iron Age pit and gully on site.

North of Stonea Camp hillfort


Finds include Roman coins.


130-150                       Second quarter; Built by Hadrian. Rectangular building 56 x 66ft with a portico on the east side. Could have been a courtyard surrounded by a wall and tower. There was a large furnace in the south west corner. Eastern part of the site had a street plan and wooden buildings.

2 C                              End; Did not last long and was dismantled

3 C                              Early; The large building was no longer used. Only the eastern part was occupied.

4 C                              Occupied until the end of the century.

1980-1984                   Excavated by the British Museum.


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