Stonea Camp

Panorama of Stonea Iron Age fort in Cambridgeshire.
By Bob Castle – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


  • Wimblington, Cambridgeshire
  • Scheduled Ancient Monument – 
  • Monument Number 372473


Bronze Age ring ditch. Iron Age multivallate hillfort. Roman enclosure.

Enclosing an area of 9.1 ha. Possibly had three phases of construction. England’s lowest lying hillfort.

Late Iron Age domestic roundhouse found

Associated with Boudiccea.

Deliberately destroyed by the Romans.


500 BC                        c; Possibly built.

40-60                           Main period of occupation.

47-48                           May have been the site of the siege of Ostorius Scapula

1950’s                          Ploughed.

1970’s-1980’s              Outer ditches levelled.

1976                            Field Investigation.

1980                            Excavated by  the British Museum.

1983                            Geophysical Survey 

1987                            On Scheduled list.

1988                            Surveyed and measured  

1990’s                          Human remains found on site including a four year old child’s skull showing sword marks. 

1991                            Geophysical survey  

1991                            Restoration work undertaken  

1993                            Scheduled.

1995-1997                   Surveyed and Measured 

1995-1997                   Recorded by The English Rivers Palaeolithic Project, Wessex Archaeology.


Stonea Camp ditches Stonea Camp is the lowest ‘hill fort’ in Britain. Extensive banks and ditches protected its northern side, while the marshes and streams of the Fens formed the southern defences. Built by Britons in the Iron Age as a base for inter-tribal conflicts, the fort was also used to defend the area against the Romans. Most of the earthworks visible today were rebuilt in 1991 to their former shape and size, following ploughing of the area earlier in the century.
By Bob Jones, CC BY-SA 2.0,
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