Shingay Hospitallers Preceptory

  • Shingay, Cambridgeshire
  • Scheduled Monument
  • Monument Number 368542


Medieval moat, Sisters of St John Nunnery, Hospitallers Preceptory.

The last Preceptor was Thomas Dingley.


1144                               Founded.

1159                               The Hospitallers were pardoned 9s 11d for their part of a fine for a murder carried out by ten monks.

1180                               c: Sisters of St John Nunnery moved to Buckland Abbey.

1199                               Given by Sybil de Rames, daughter of Roger de Montgomery, to the Hospitallers. Two sisters were living there – Amabilis and Amice de Malketon.

1260                               Before: Nicholas de Wrotham was Preceptor.

1296                               William de St Leonard was Preceptor.

1303                               William de St Leonard was Preceptor.

1338                               Shingay was the fourth wealthiest Manor in the Order of England. Nicholas Bassett was Preceptor.

1371                               The General Chapter of the Hospital in England met at Shingay. John de Dampford was Preceptor.

1378                               Before; William Thweyt was Preceptor.

1381                               Badly damaged during the Peasants Uprising. Was attacked and sacked by John Hanchach and other peasants. John Cavendish was Preceptor.

1417                               Sir John Skipwith was Preceptor.

1422                               The moat earthworks still survived. Sir John Skipwith died.  Thomas de Skipwith was Preceptor.

1427-1452                      Sir John Ergham was Preceptor.

1441                               Sir John Ergham obtained a Papal Indict for a portable alter.

1452                               Settlement removed.

1481-1502                      Thomas Green was Preceptor.

1502-1504                      Robert Dalison died.

1504                               Sir Robert Dalison, a Preceptor from Shingay, died.

1507                               Sir Thomas Sheffield was Preceptor.

1507-1524                      Thomas Sheffield was Preceptor.

1507-1522                      Also the Preceptory of Beverley.    

1525                               Thomas Dalison was steward of Shingay when Sir Thomas Shefield died.

1533                               Sir Edward Hill was Commander of Shingay.

1536                               Sir Edward Hill died and Ambrose Cave applied to be Preceptor.

1537                               c: Ambrose Cave was appointed as Preceptor but never held the position.

1539                               c: Sir Henry Longe was made Preceptor of Shingay

1539                               Dissolved.

1541                               Bishop Goodrich made provision for the Preceptory.

1643                               Still standing.

1697                               Buildings pulled down but the chapel remained.

1972                               Filed Investigation.

1991                               Surveyed and measured by Cambridge County Council Archaeology Section.


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