Sawston Hall

Sawston Hall.


  • Sawston, Cambridgeshire
  • Scheduled Monument 
  • Monument Number 370823
  • Grade I Listed Building.
  • OSGB – TL48799 49000


Possible quadrangular Medieval moat.

Once owned by the Huddleston family who were Catholics.

Said to be haunted.


1553                               Queen Mary spent one night at the Hall before being crowned, when hiding form John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland. The future Queen was smuggled out dressed as a milk maid and when Dudley could not find her he burnt the Hall down.

1557-1580                      Rebuilt. The Queen donated some of the rubble from Cambridge Castle for the new Hall.

1593                               Priests hole.

16 C                               House.

1861                               Restored.

1890                               Ferdinand Huddleston, the last male Huddleston, died and the Hall went to his nephews.

19 C                               Remodelled. Landscaped.

1970                               Reginald Huddleston died and it was inherited by his nephew Anthony Eyre.

*                                     Anthony Eyre sold it to CCL.

1976                               Field Investigation.

1991                               Evaluation by Cambridge Archaeological Unit, University of Cambridge.

20 C                               Used as a language school.



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