• Lolworth, Cambridgeshire
  • Scheduled Monument
  • Monument Number 369189


Medieval moat.


1202                               Conveyed from Alan de Feugeres to John Son of William.

1235                               Held by Philip of Stanton.

1240-1250                      c: Occupied by Amice of Stanton.

1279                               Held by Philip de Colville.

1296-1344                      Held by Philip’s daughter-in-law, Emma.

1346                               Held in trust for Henry de Colville, Emma and Henry’s son.

1360                               c: Young Henry died.

1362                               Sold by Anne and her husband to Sir Robert Thorpe, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas.

1371                               Sir Robert Thorpe was appointed Chancellor.

1372                               Sir Robert Thorpe died and his brother’s son, Sir William inherited.

1391                               Sir William died.

1400                               Sir William Castleacre was Lord of the Manor. He obtained the property through his wife, Elizabeth being a relation of Sir William Thorpe.

1412                               John Henry’s of Cambridge held the manor.

1415                               c: John Henry’s died.

1420                               Thomas Langley, Bishop of Durham held the manor.

1424                               Thomas Langley granted it to his nephew, Henry Langley.

1428                               Henry Langley held the manor

1456                               Henry granted it to his younger son, Henry.

1458                               c: Henry died and it was held by his widow, Elizabeth, in trust for their son Edward.

1504                               Elizabeth had married Alexander Hampden.

1509                               Edward inherited and took possession of the manor.

1515                               Edward died and had rented it out to Sir John Cutts.

1521                               Sir John Cutts died and the manor was part of the Childerley Estate.

1681                               Sold by Richard Cutts to Henry Edwards.

1685                               Henry Edwards son, John conveyed it to trustees in order to pay his debts.

1694                               Sold to Charles Smith.

1738                               c: Charles Smith died leaving it to be divided between his four daughters. Elizabeth had married Henry Hawley and she received the property.

1756                               Henry died and it went to James Hawley, MP, Henry’s brother.

1771                               James granted it to his son upon his marriage.

1785                               Jointly owned by Henry and Paul Orchard.

1807                               Henry Hawley still held the manor.

1809                               Henry Hawley released his rights to L.W. Buck.

1840                               Jointly owned by L.W. Buck and his son, George Stucley Buck. The moat was still visible.

1844                               Sold to John Dodson who had been leasing the manor.

1858                               Lolworth Grange was built on the site.

1865                               John Dodson died and it went to his sister Elizabeth and her husband Richard Daintree.

1873                               Elizabeth divided it between her sons Richard and John. John held the manor.

1876                               John Frohock was tenant.

1900                               The south west side of the moat still remained.

1903                               John sold it to Jacob Frohock.

1917                               Sold.

1938                               By this date had been sold a further three times.

1973                               Field Investigation.


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