Scheduled Monument – Monument Number 368471


Medieval moated site.


1210                            c: Held by Warin of Soham.

1242                            Warin’s brother , Ralph, succeeded him and held the Manor.

1275                            Held by Ralph’s widow, Basile.

1279                            Basile had married Baldwin St. George.

1302                            The lands were divided.

1341                            Until: Was held by Thomas Scalers, who died this year and was succeeded by his second son, John, who was still a minor.

1388                            Sir John Scalers died and his widow, Margaret, held the Manor. Margaret later married Sir John Heveningham.

1402                            c: John came of age.

1407                            John held the Manor.

1443                            John died and was succeeded by his son, Sir John.

1467                            Sir John died and his daughters inherited. Alice, wife of Sir John More; Margaret who married Henry Moyne; Anne, wife of John Harecourt. Alice received the lands at Whaddon.

1493                            John Merle died and the lands went to their son’s son, John.

1508                            John came of age and took possession.

1542                            John died and was succeeded by his son, Thomas.

1560                            Thomas settled his lands on his wife, Joyce.

1561                            Thomas died.

1573                            William bought Lylles Manor

1581                            William Merle, John’s son, took possession of the lands.

1608                            William died and his daughter, Elizabeth and her husband, William Tempest, succeeded him.

1621                            Thomas Tempest, William’s son, purchased Turpin’s Manor.

1641                            Thomas defied the law requiring him to go to church.

1648                            Thomas died and his wife, Martha, inherited

1661                            c: Lands sold to Sir Henry Pickering, a Parliamentarian.

1668                            Sir Henry died and his son, Henry, a minor, succeeded him.

1705                            Henry died in Barbados without issue and his widow, Grace, held the lands.

1716                            Grace sold the lands to Edward Harley, Earl of Oxford.

1739                            Sold to Philip Yorke, 1st Earl of Hardwicke.

1764                            Phillip Yorke died and was succeeded by his son, Philip.

1790                            Philip died and his nephew, Philip Yorke, inherited.

1834                            Philip Yorke died and his nephew, Charles Philip Yorke, Earl of Hardwicke, inherited.

1873                            Charles Philip Yorke, Earl of Hardwicke, died and his son, Charles Philip Yorke inherited.

1891                            Leased out.

1914                            Charles Philip Yorke sold to Cambridgeshire County Council.

1973                            Field Investigation.

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