Huntingfield Manor Farm: Huntingfield Manor House



  • Littlington, Cambridgeshire
  • Scheduled Monument
  • Monument Number 368738


Medieval moat.


11 C                               Manor house on site.

1235                               Manor held by William of Heybridge, Lord of Boxworth.

1238                               Possibly: William died and his daughter, Joan, wife of Roger of Huntingfield, inherited.

1291                               Joan had left  the manor to Walter Huntingfield.

1297                               Joan died.

1302                               Held by Walter Huntingfield.

1316                               Walter Huntingfield died and it was held by Henry Garston, who was holding it for Walter’s son, Roger Huntingfield, who was a minor.

1327                               Roger came of age.

1337                               House recorded. Roger died and his seven year old son, William, inherited.

1351                               William took possession of the manor.

1376                               William died.

1386                               Held by Thomas Haselden.

1386                               Onwards: Stayed in the Haselden family.

1410                               Occupied by Margaret, widow of Richard Haselden.

*                                     Occupied by Isabel, widow of Thomas Haselden.

1469                               Isabel died and it was held by Elizabeth, widow of John Haselden.

1509                               Francis Haselden was Lord of the Manor.

1522                               Francis Haselden died and it passed to his brother, Anthony.

1527                               Anthony died and it passed to William, a minor.

1537                               William died a minor and it went to his sisters, Elizabeth and Beatrice.

1547                               The manor was settled on both sisters and their husbands: James Hutton and Sir Roger Peyton.

1565                               Sold to John Sherman.

1599                               John Sherman died and it was inherited by his son, William.

1618                               William died and left it to his son, Charles.

1627                               Charles sold it to Edward Radcliffe of Hitchin, but lived there until he died.

1637                               Charles died and Edward moved in.

1660                               Radcliffe died and it was inherited by his eldest nephew Ralph Radcliffe.

17 C                               Farm house.

1720                               Ralph died and it was inherited by his son, Edward.

1727                               Edward died and it was held by his three youngest sons, George, John and Arthur. It was to stay with the last surviving sons’ family.

1783                               John died and it passed to his older sister, Penelope, wife of Sir Charles Farnaby.

1802                               Penelope died and it went to Joseph Dickason.

1825                               Joseph died and was succeeded by his son, James.

1853                               James sold it to George Ebenezer Foster, a Cambridge banker.

1870                               George died and it went to his son, G.E. Foster.

19 C                               Additions.

1906                               G.E. Foster died and it went to E.B. Foster.

1908                               E.B. Foster died and it went to his nephew G.R.C. Foster.

1972                               Field Investigation.

1978                               Owned by Mr. R. Parker of Royston.


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