Histon Manor Moat: Histon Denny Manor House

Histon Manor Moat



  • Histon, Cambridgeshire
  • Scheduled Monument
  • Monument Number 372019


Medieval moated site with the sub-rectangular island measuring 275.5ft by 144.3ft and the moat measuring 32.8ft wide and 4.9-6.5ft deep.


11 C-1392                   Owned by the Bishop of Lincoln.

1392-1541                   Owned by Denny Abbey until the Dissolution.

1539                            Sold by the Crown to Edward Elrington.

1541                            Edward Elrington sold it to William Bowyer.

1544                            William Bowyer died and his illegitimate son, John, inherited.

1547                            John was granted leave to hold the manor.

1557                            Still held by the executer of William’s will, Henry Searle.

1560                            Manor house recorded. John finally received the Manor.

1571                            John Bowyer died and his son, Francis inherited.

1598                            Francis Bowyer died and his son, William, inherited.

1651                            William and his heirs held manorial courts until.

1651                            Held by Hutton Bowyer.

1655                            Hutton Bowyer sold it to Richard Bigg.

1657                            Sold to Hezekiah Hayes.

1659                            Sold to Richard Pigott.

1664                            Sold to Thomas Archer.

1698                            Thomas Archer left it to his son, Thomas.

17 C                            New house built.

1728                            Thomas died and his widow inherited, but she gave it to their son, Hoste Archer.

1740                            Hoste died without issue and left it to Guy Sindrey. Dog Kennel Lane was named after the Manor’s kennels.

1761                            Guy Sindrey died and his widow, Grace, inherited.

1771                            Grace died and John Alderson held the manor.

1782                            John Alderson died and Thomas Sumpter, nephew of Hoste Archer, held the Manor.

1784                            Held by Thomas Sumpter.

18 C                            Altered to face south. The southern cross wing was made into the front entrance and it stood three storey’s high with five bays. Grounds of the moat landscaped.

1806                            Thomas Sumpter died and left it to his eldest son, Richard.

1807                            Richard Sumpter sold the produce of his orchard.

1817                            Richard Sumpter died, but before he did he sold a large part of the manor lands. His brother William inherited the lands.

1866                            The northern part of the north-south range was demolished.

1870                            William died and his widow Catherine inherited.

1877                            Catherine died and her late husband’s nephew Rev. W.S. Beever sold it to solicitor William Peed.

1897                            Bought by F. Crisp.

1899                            Passed to W.A.H. Harding.

19 C                            South front re-modeled. Billiard room added.

1901                            Eastern arm of the moat filled in.

1927                            Passed to W.H.D. Rose.

1953                            Held by Professor J.K.S. ST Joseph.

1968                            Field Investigation.

2000                            Scheduled.

2003                            Extension added.


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