Gesyns: Ashley Manor House: The Gesyns: Geesings: Gesyns Moat

  • Ashley, Cambridgeshire
  • Scheduled Ancient  Monument
  • Monument Number 379781


Medieval moat. Irregular kidney-shaped island measuring 70m by 50m. Moat measuring 16m wide and 3m deep. An external bank measures 2-6m wide and 1.3m high.


*                                  Owned by Rev. Samuel Cradock.

1166                            Manor held by Ralph de Guines.

1166-1303                   The Guines family held the Manor.

1208-1215                   Held by Geoffrey de Guines.

1229-1256                   Held by Robert de Guines.

1262-1279                   Held by John de Guines.

1338                            Held by the Knights Hospitallers under Roger de Dalton, a former Templar.

1349                            No longer called a Manor.

1977                            Field Investigation.

1998                            Scheduled.


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