Flecks Lane: Moynes Manor House (possibly): Moynes Grove

**NOTE: There is some discrepancy in the records as to the exact location of Moynes Manor


  • Scheduled Monument
  • Monument Number 365890


*                                  Finds include medieval pottery.

1982                            Field Investigation.


**Possible History IF Moynes.

1200                            c; Held by Robert ‘the monk’.

1240                            Held by Alexander le Moyne.

1264                            Alexander le Moyne died and it passed to his son, Alan.

1264-1294                   Held by Alan le Moyne.

1311                            Held by Thomas le Moyne.

1314                            Thomas le Moyne died.

1315                            Sold.

1320                            Neighbours were complaining about the landowner.

1324                            A claim was made upon the land by someone

1334                            Before; The landowner was killed.

1346                            William le Moyne held the land.

1381                            William le Moyne sold some of the land.

1465                            Belonged to the Pigott family.

1613                            Called Moynes Grove.


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