Flambards Manor

Flambard’s Manor.


  • Meldreth, Cambridgeshire
  • Scheduled Monument
  • Monument Number 368421


Medieval oval moated settlement. Built over.

The site was occupied during late Saxon and early Norman periods.


10 C                            Dating from.

1216-1272                   During: Occupied.

1265                            Manor lands divided between the daughters of Nicholas le Vavasour – Agnes, wife of Roger Thornton; Amfelice, wife of Philip St. Clowe.

1266                            The daughters swapped their lands around.

1299-1302                   Agnes’ daughter, Eleanor, was tenant of the lands.

1312                            By: Eleanor had married Ralph, son of William Fitz Ralph of Shepreth.

1323                            Ralph held the lands.

1323                            After: Ralph’s son, Richard, then Richard’s son, John, held the lands.

1346                            William de la March was guardian of John’s lands whilst he was a minor.

1348                            John, a minor, died.

1350                            The lands were divided between John’s three sisters, with the Meldreth land going to Elizabeth, wife of Edmund Flambard.

1394                            Elizabeth Flambard died and her daughter, Eleanor, wife of Walter Tyrell, inherited the lands.

1428                            Held by Eleanor and Walter Tyrell’s younger son, Edward and was then left to his nephew, Thomas Tyrell.

1447                            Held by Thomas Tyrell.

1477                            Sir Thomas Tyrell (1) died and the lands were inherited by his grandson, Sir Thomas (2).

1540                            Sir Thomas (2) died and the lands were inherited by his son, Thomas (3) and then by his son, John.

1542                            Lands held in dower by John’s widow, Anne, who then married Sir William Petre, a politician.

1574                            John Tyrell gave Flambards to Anne,

1582                            Anne died and it went to her son John, later Lord Petre.

1613                            John, Lord Petre, died and the lands were inherited by his son, William.

1637                            William died and it passed to his younger son, John.

1691                            John’s widow, Elizabeth, was Lady of the Manor.

1695                            Held by John’s nephew, Edward.

1706                            Passed to Edward’s daughter, Elizabeth and her husband, Roger Dickinson.

1712                            Roger Dickinson gave the lands to Samuel Coxall and John  Browne.

1782                            Edward Nightingale was Lord of Flambards.

1798                            House recorded on the site.

1820                            Mr. CE Nightingale  sold the site to WM Underwood.

1897                            The land was up for sale.

1906                            Henry Cooke and Arthur Dove were Lords.

1934                            Excavated by Cambridge Antiquarian Society.

1972                            Field Investigation.

1975                            Housing estate built over the site.


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