Ely Castle: Cherry Hill Castle: Mill Hill

  • Ely, Cambridgeshire
  • Scheduled Monument
  • Monument Number 375091


Motte measuring 250ft in diameter at the base, 50ft diameter at the summit and standing 40ft high. There was a four sided bailey which measured 300ft by 250ft and was defended by a bank and ditch.


1070                            c: Motte castle constructed under orders of William the Conqueror whilst trying to subdue Hereward the Wake.

1140                            Re-fortified and taken by King Stephen.

1143                            Taken by Geoffrey de Mandeville.

1144                            Held by Geoffrey de Mandeville.

1216                            Falke de Breauté took the castle.

1229                            Windmill recorded on the mound.

1251                            A dwelling is recorded on the mound.

1268                            Captured by Prince Edward.

13 C                            Windmill noted as being on the site.

1586-87                       £5 was spent on the castle.

1610                            Windmill was on the site.

1649                            Known as Mill Hill.

1779                            A monumental pillar was built on the site dedicated to Rev James Bentham, historian.

1821                            Site called cherry Hill.

1969                            Field Investigation.

1974                            Excavated.

1977                            Excavated.

20 C                            The only remains are a mound in Cathedral Park.

2002                            Excavated.


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