Down Hall

Down Hall.



  • Abington Piggots, Cambridgeshire


Medieval moat. Rectangular island measured 70m by 135m with the moat measuring approximately 10m wide.


1230                            Possibly held by John de Valognes.

1260                            Held by Peter de Ansey and his wife Margery.

1275                            Peter de Ansey had named Robert de Ansey as his heir.

1279                            Held by Margery Ansey.

1302                            Belonged to Eustace de Ansey.

1334                            Eustace de Ansey sold it to John de Radeswell, Royal Clerk, on account that when John died it went to his kinsman, Robert.

1339-1347                   Between; Occupied by John de Radeswell.

1348                            Sir Robert of Radeswell held it but tenanted it out to William and John Loughton, two clerics, for the period of their lives.

1349                            The last of the Radeswell family died.

1352                            John Loughton died and his heir sold it to Sir Walter Manny. Sergent William Notton was granted part of it by the King and he then bought Manny’s share of the remaining property.

1365                            Sir William Notton died and it went to his son, William (2).

1392-1405                   Between; William (2) died and his son, William (3), inherited. He leased it out to John Shadworth.

1428                            By; Had passed to John Piggott.

15 C                            Timber framed gateway at entrance.

16 C                            Gatehouse.

1916                            15 September; Private Herbert Thomas of Down Hall died in the Somme, France during World War I.

1972                            Field Investigation.

1973                            Field Investigation.

1987                            Alterations.

1990                            Stables demolished and the Hall extended and altered.

1991                            Two chimney stacks demolished.

1991                            Evaluation by Cambridge Archaeological Unit, University of Cambridge.


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