Croxton Manor (Poss): Westbury Manor (Poss)

  • Croxton, Cambridgeshire
  • Monument Number 366140.


Medieval moat. Farmhouse within the moated site comprising of a Hall and cross wing.

Originally the Manor house for the Manor of Westbury.


1086                            Granted to Hardwin de Scalers.

1166                            Held by Stephen de Scalers.

1236                            Manor held by John de Scalers.

1274-1275                   Charles settled the manor on Thomas Charles, his wife and daughter, Alice.

1306                            After: Thomas died.

1312                            Thomas’ daughter, Alice, and her husband, Edmund Seymour, settled the manor on themselves.

1316                            Edmund was Lord of the Manor.

1346                            John Seymour conveyed it as Westbury Manor to Geoffrey Seman of Cambridge.

1346                            Leased for twelve years to Reynold, Lord Grey of Wilton.

1363                            The manor was conveyed to Thomas of Eltisley and John Gosleck of Gosthorp and his wife Sarah.

1392                            Thomas Malyns of Blunham and his wife, Emma, settled the manor on themselves.

1508                            Florence Ashfield died and left it for a term of twenty years to her servant Nicholas Furnage, then to go to her grandson, George. Held by the Earl of Arundel (?).

1520                            By; George had died and the manor went to his son, Robert. It was held in Wardship by Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, Lord High Admiral.

1542                            The manor was settled on Robert.

1557                            The manor was partly conveyed to William and Robert Cosyn and Thomas Sutton, by Robert and his wife.

1560                            Cosyn died and was succeeded by his son, Thomas.

1589                            Held by Edward Cosyn.

1600                            Edward Cosyn died and his son, John, succeeded him.

1610                            John Cosyn settled the manor on his son, Edward.

1652                            Edward died and his son, Edward, inherited.

1665                            After; Edward died.

1668                            John Cosyn sold it to Robert Heylock of Abbotsley.

1673                            Robert Heylock died and it passed to his brother William.

1688                            William died and his nephew, Henry Kingsley, inherited the manor.

*                                  Elizabeth, daughter of Henry’s son, Heylock Kingsley, married William Pym.

1789                            The Pym’s sold the manor to Mr. Bacchus.

1806                            Mr. Bacchus sold it to Joseph Leeds.

1971                            Field Investigation.


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