Cheveley Castle: Choreley Castle: The Moats: Chevele

Cheveley Castle, Cheveley.


  • Cheveley, Cambridgeshire.
  • TL 67876 61313.
  • Scheduled Monument


Medieval castle, moated platform. Platform and ditch remain. Traces of an outer wall are still visible, plus the footing of a round tower. Platform was rectangular and measured 45m by 38m. The ditch measuring 25m wide and 8m deep. The entrance was at the centre of the north side.


1341                            A license to crenellate was granted to Sir John de Pulteney.

1342                            Castle built when licensed to do so by Sir John de Pulteney.

1367                            Sir John de Pulteney died.

1510                            c: Robert Cotton created a park of 12 acres on the castle grounds. Possibly abandoned soon after.

17 C                            Early: The walls and tower were still standing.

1968                            Field Investigation.

1990’s                         Footings of the gateway remained.

1996                            Scheduled.

1998                            Desk Based Assessment, Heritage Network.


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