Caxton Moats: The Moats


Caxton Moats


  • Caxton, Cambridgeshire
  • Scheduled Monument.
  • Grade II Listed Building – Farmhouse and Dovecote.


Three Medieval moated enclosures, in an L-shape, forming Manorial site. Northern rectangular enclosure is the largest and measures 75m by 45m surrounded by a flat bottomed ditch measuring 18m wide and 2.5m deep. The southern enclosure has a dry V-shaped ditch measuring 12m wide and 2m deep. There is another enclosure to the east of the northern enclosure separated from it by a counterscarp. The enclosure measuring 80m by 20m with a 0.4m high raised platform. Six causeways crossed the ditch. The north east corner moat has been filled in.

Possible Roman fort.

Roman pottery found on the site.

Aerial photograph.

1066                            c; Lands given to Hardwin de Scalers by William I.

1086                            Lands held by Hardwin de Scalers. He had a residence on the site.

1143                            c; Possibly built during the Anarchy.

12 C                            Possibly still owned by the Scalers family.

12–13 C                      Finds on site date from including wall plaster.

1279                            Freehold estate held by John de Caxton.

1312                            Documented as the dower house of Lady Eleanor de Fraville.

18 C                            Farmhouse

1971                            Field Investigation.

1996                            Scheduled.

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