Castle Camps: Campo: Village Defences

Castle Camps.



  • Castle Camps, Cambridgeshire.
  • OSGB – TL 626 424.
  • Scheduled Monument.


Motte and Bailey. Motte measuring 1 acre on the top. The village defences formed by the outer defences of the castle.


1066                            After: Built by Aubrey de Vere as his administrative centre

1265-1331                   Work undertaken on the castle.

15th C                          Church was built partially over the bailey ditch. A tower of four storey’s was incorporated into the house.

15-16 C                       c: Motte demolished.

1526                            An argument between the Dowager Countess and the new Earl resulted in the Justice of the Peace being turned away by a force of arms.

1584                            Sold.

16 C                            House rebuilt.

1738                            The house fell down and was replaced by a farmhouse.

1740’s                         Sir James Reynolds pulled down the gateway.

1744                            Bones were dug up at the eastern part of the house and a blocked arch was discovered.

1973                            Scheduled

1978                            Field Investigation.


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