Cambridge Dykes: Devil’s Dyke: Great Ditch: Devil’s Ditch: Reach Dyke: St. Edmunds Dyke.


Scheduled Monument.


Dyke measuring 4-6m high, crosses the Icknield Way.


350                              c: Constructed

6-7 C                           Anglo-Saxon earthwork, possibly constructed by Penda.

1973                            Partially excavated by Cambridge University Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, when the A14 cut through a section of the dyke.

1988                            Surveyed and Measured by English Heritage; Cambridge County Council Archaeology Section.

1991                            Excavated by Cambridgeshire County Council Archaeology Section.

2002                            Devil’s Dyke Restoration Project launched.

2006                            Evaluated by Archaeological Services & Consultancy Ltd.

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