Bustelers Manor

  • Duxford, Cambridgeshire
  • Medieval moat. Western side destroyed by building.


1086                            Lands held by Pain for Hardwin de Scalers, Lord of Caxton.

1166                            Possibly held by Robert de Goiz.

1200                            Held under the Lords of Boxworth by the Goiz family.

1200                            c: Andrew le Goiz, a clergyman, resigned from the church so he could inherit his lands.

1220                            Andrew le Goiz died and his son, Andrew inherited but he was challenged by his older brother, John, who has been born while his father was still a clergyman.

1227                            It was agreed, by Henry of Boxworth, that Andrew should hold the manors of John.

1257-1259                   Between: Andrew died.

1272                            Held by Andrew’s son, William.

1287                            William died and had granted the lands to Mr. Robert Fileby for life.

1299                            William’s son, John succeeded to holding the manor.

1327                            After: John died without issue and had sold the manor to Sir William le Busteler of Hildersham.

1330                            Andrew le Goiz unsuccessfully tried to claim the manor.

1334                            c: William le Busteler died and was possibly succeeded by his son, Sir Robert le Busteler.

1336                            Sir Robert le Busteler died and the children of his five sisters had the lands divided amongst them. Four of the co-heirs sold their land to Robert Parys, the fifth was a minor, John Hanchach.

1377                            Robert Parys died and the manor went to Nicholas Parys, his son.

1381                            The remaining one fifth of the manor was confiscated from John Hanchach, for taking part in the Peasants Revolt.

1425                            Nicholas Parys died and it went to his nephew, Henry Parys, who bought the remaining one fifth of the manor.

1672                            The last Parys heir died and the male line died out. It passed to Anne, the mother, and her second husband Sir Joseph Colston.

1677                            Bought by Sir Thomas Sclater.

*                                  Descended to Thomas Sclater King. King was insolvent and it was sold to Lord Montfort, by order of the Chancery.

1754                            Leased to Richard Trott.

1771                            Lord Montfort sold it to lessee Richard Trott.

1788                            Richard Trott died and it passed to his grandson, Edmund Fisher, a minor, son of his daughter Sarah, and her husband Edmund Fisher, Rector of Duxford St Peter.

1851                            Rector Edmund died, and his son, Edmund, also a clergyman, inherited.

1881                            Edmund died.

1883                            Held by Mrs. Fisher, possibly Edmunds widow.

1903                            Held by Edmunds grandson, Capt. E.N. Fisher.

1909                            Capt. E.N. Fisher died.

1920                            Held by Mrs. G.M. Fisher.

1976                            Field Investigation.   


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