Bury Yard

  • Bassingborne, Cambridgeshire
  • Scheduled Monument
  • Monument Number 1303097


Rectangular Medieval moated D-shaped enclosure. The island raised and measuring 70 m x 55 m. The eastern arm is the only one that has not been filled in. n a defensive position.

Site had been ploughed.


1130-1140                   c: Built.

1280                            House recorded as being on the site.

13 C                            Held by the Crown.

14 C                            Held by John of Gaunt.

1455                            Granted to John Lynne.

1436                            In ruins.

1436                            After: New house built by Richard Lynne.

1520                            Recovered by the Crown.

19 C                            House still recorded as being on the site.

1993                            Surveyed.

1999                            Scheduled.


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