Burgh Manor House, Park Wood

Burgh Manor.


    • Burrough Green, Cambridgeshire.
    • OSGB – TL641549


Possible Saxon moated site.

Medieval fortified moated manor house, possible castle. Has an internal bank.


1017-1049                   Held by Ely Abbey.

1043-1045                   Held by Ulfketel.

1066                            Owned by Eddeva.

1086                            Held by Count Alan.

1166                            Held by Thomas de Burgh.

1199                            Thomas de Burgh died and his son Thomas succeeded.

1234                            Thomas died and his brother, Philip, inherited.

1235                            Philip died and it was held by his son, Thomas, a minor.

1260                            Sir Thomas de Burgh held the Manor.

1284                            Sir Thomas de Burgh died and his son, Philip, inherited.

1285                            Philip died and his seven year old son, Thomas, inherited.

1311                            Thomas was Knight of the Shire for Cambridgeshire.

1322                            Thomas was succeeded by his son John.

1329                            Before: John turned to religion and granted the Manor to his brother Thomas.

1334                            Thomas died and his four year old son inherited. The Manor was held in custody by John de Verdon, under orders of the Crown.

1393                            John de Burgh died and his son, Thomas, succeeded him.

1411                            Thomas died and his lands were divided between his three half-sisters.

1412                            The lands went to Elizabeth, who was married to Sir John Ingoldisthorpe.

1420                            Sir John died and his son, Thomas, a minor, inherited.

1422                            Thomas, the minor, died and his one year old son, Edmund, inherited. Wardship was granted to John, Lord Toptoft, and his daughter, Joan, married Edmund.

1456                            Edmund died and his daughter, Isabel, wife of John Neville, Marquess of Montague, inherited.

1494                            The lands were divided between Isabel’s five daughters. Elizabeth, wife of Thomas, Lord Scrope of Marsham inherited the Burrough green lands.. When Elizabeth died the lands were inherited by her niece, Lucy Brown, who was married to Sir John Cutts of Childerley.

1521                            Sir John died and his son, John, inherited.

1528                            John died and his son, John, inherited.

1574                            John sold it to Sir Anthony Cage.

1575                            Burrough Green Hall was built on the site possibly with parts of the old house incorporated into it.

1583                            Sir Anthony Cage died and his son, Anthony, inherited.

1628                            Sir Anthony died and his son, John, succeeded him.

1667                            Sir John’s son, Anthony, was badly in debt from the Civil War and granted it to his daughter, Anne, bypassing his sons John and William. Anne was married to Henry Slingsby.

1665                            Had 26 hearths a central porch and doorway.

1670                            In ruins.

1690                            Henry Slingsby died and left it to his wife, and then his son, Anthony.

1696                            Anthony Slingsby mortgaged the lands to Edward Russel, later Earl of Oxford.

1727                            Edward Russel died and it was bought by Charles Seymour, Duke of Somerset.

*                                  Passed from Charles Seymour to Heneage Finch, Earl of Aylesford, when he married Charlotte Seymour’s daughter.

1812                            Before: Sold to Thomas and Henry Redhead.

1815                            Henry was Lord of the Manor.

1828                            Thomas’ daughter, Elinor, married Charles Porcher of Cliffe.

1839                            Thomas died and Elinor inherited.

1864                            Elinor was Lady of the Manor.

1869                            Passed to EL Kindersley.

1901                            Kindersley added Porcher to his name.

1907                            EL Kindersley-Porcher died and his son Capt. CPW Kindersley inherited.

1909                            Sold to SA Taylor of Newmarket.

1913                            Was for sale.

1925                            Held by GRC Foster.

1938                            Bought by RS Wray.

1958                            Owned by Sir Alan Noble, MP.

1975                            Owned by Miss.PK Wolf.


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